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I miss LJ.

Let's see...happy holidays, hope your your new year will be great, hope all is well, yada yada yada. I need to bitch about my life, and realized that I miss LJ. Not just for the bitchability, but the thought that all my far away friends can commiserate with me. Well, those of you who still read LJ.

You may or may not have heard of the Great Sewage Overflow of 2009, Parts I and II, which happened in the apt A and I have here in DC. In a nutshell, someone in one of the apts above us put bad things in the toilet on Wed Dec 9th, causing a blockage in the pipe below our apt and leading to a fairly nasty raw sewage overflow. Every time one of them flushed, their poopie came out of our shower and toilet...then across the bedroom floor, then into the bedroom.

The first time we caught it fairly quickly and thought that some professional cleaning and new carpet would be it. Oh. did I mention this happened the morning before we were leaving on a cross-country trip? When A came back three days later, we had clean hardwoods and a messy bedroom. When it happened again the next Monday (Dec 14), it went all the way through the master bedroom, into the 2nd bedroom where A had been sleeping, and all the way into our hallway.

This time, the professional cleaners decided the hardwoods under the carpet also needed to be ripped up, which led to a continuation of the insurance fight that began with the first overflow. As you can imagine, the condo building's insurance and the owner's insurance each want the other to take care of it. Eventually that got squared and the floors got pulled up, leaving a blacky sticky tarlike substance that offgasses like the devil. That was a day or two after the sewage. So now here it is, two weeks later, and we thought (up til today) that the new floors would be going in any day.

Except! Except! We just spoke to the building manager and he informed us that the black gunk needs to be tested for asbestos, and if there is asbestos it would need to be cleaned out or remediated before the floors could come in, and its the holidays so things are moving really slowly and we should assume we will be out of our apt for another month to 6 weeks. Uh, yeah. Sucks to be us.

We've both been on the move for the last few weeks (A went to his mom's house locally last week, I was out of town, and now we're borrowing my friend's place until her return on Sunday), and had been looking forward to getting back to our own place. Tomorrow we find out whether our renter's insurance or the owner's insurance will pay for us to find other housing for a month. Tomorrow we may also need to seriously consider whether we want to give it up and look for another place, but then we'd have to move all our stuff - covered in black tar and dust and dirt.

So that's the story til now, LJ friends. Happy freakin' holidays...



Dec. 30th, 2009 08:11 am (UTC)
That's really sucky. Good luck!

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